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How Long It Takes To Sell

Average listing times vary from 14 to 90 days, dependent on a variety of factors your broker will fully describe to you.

Creating a perception of value and a sense of urgency will see the greatest number of showings when your property is first introduced to the marketplace. Buyers who look at your property typically are financially qualified who have been working with a Realtor® already, have seen the other properties in the area, and are knowledgeable about market prices. They contacted agents months ago about properties they found, and they are now prepared to make offers when they see the right home at the right price.

By the time we enter the third week of marketing, the showings will have dropped off. From this point, most buyers who are learning about your property are just entering the market and will not be ready to make decisions for several months. They still have to arrange their financing and have not seen enough properties to be educated about the market.

So, your best opportunity is during the initial exposure to the market, because with the largest pool of buyers during that time, properties sell at their highest price.

Buyers pay attention to how long a house has been on the market. Let’s look at what buyers may be thinking at different days on market.

· With the house on the market for only two days, it becomes a "must see"

· As the days go on, buyers think the seller is anxious and should be willing to negotiate

· When the property is on longer, they wonder why it hasn’t sold and think something might be wrong with it

So buyer perceptions of value decrease with every day a house is on the market. That is another reason a property sells at its highest price in the first days of exposure to the market.